About MTR

The MTR Corporation was established in 1975 as the Mass Transit Railway Corporation with a mission to construct and operate, under prudent commercial principles, an urban metro system to help meet Hong Kong’s public transport requirements. The sole shareholder was the Hong Kong Government.

The Company was re-established as the MTR Corporation Limited in June 2000 after the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government sold 23% of its issued share capital to private investors in an Initial Public Offering. MTR Corporation shares were listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on 5 October 2000.


MTR Success Factors

MTR’s unique vertically integrated business model seamlessly connects railway service with communities above stations in a way optimises land use, contributes to the growth of the city, and is environmentally sustainable in the long run. Through our Rail plus Property integrated development model, MTR not only builds new railway lines, but also plans and creates fully integrated commercial and residential communities along the railway alignment. This enhances land values and stimulates patronage. Value captured from property sales can be used to finance new railway projects. Fares can thus be kept at reasonable levels without the need for government subsidies, resulting in financial sustainability in the long run.