MTR’s Integrated Capabilities

A diagram of the process for building a factory.

Since 1979, MTR has been successfully delivering high-quality railway infrastructure and railway services across Hong Kong and around the world. MTR is the only global rail operator with a unique vertically integrated business model that seamlessly connects high-capacity, low-carbon railway services with attractive new communities built above and around stations. This “Rail plus Property” business model optimises land use and is financially and environmentally sustainable in the long term, thus supporting the sustainable urban growth of cities.

Over the past decade, building on its success in Hong Kong, MTR has taken its expertise in railway development and operations to major cities in China, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Australia.

Project Planning and Design

MTR manages the design and construction of all greenfield and brownfield railway lines in Hong Kong, along with a multitude of projects each year to upgrade and improve the operating railway network.

It is also involved in the design work for various railway projects outside Hong Kong, including the Sydney Metro North West Line and Sydney Metro City and Southwest project. MTR’s fully integrated railway development and operations experience has equipped our team with the expertise to lead all the critical processes such as systems integration and interfaces, etc. of our rail projects from the project planning and design phase throughout the delivery cycle to ensure project success. Besides, our operator-led approach in all our rail projects ensures the final product would be fit for purpose and meet the desired outcomes for customer experience, as well as optimising the whole-of-life operations and maintenance costs for the asset.

Two men in hard hats and vests working on a machine.


Project delivery relies on teams of people working together, aligned to common project objectives. The business of building railways involves consultation and engagement with different stakeholders, engineering within a complex physical environment and enhancing the fabric of the civic and social structure.