A train is on the tracks near some wires.

Welcome to MTR Australia

MTR Australia is a fully owned subsidiary of MTR Corporation from Hong Kong. MTR is recognised as one of the best-performing and highest-quality rail operators in the world. With more than 50,000 dedicated staff around the globe, MTR carries over 12.8 million passenger journeys worldwide every weekday in Hong Kong SAR, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, Macao SAR and Mainland China. MTR strives to grow and connect communities for a better future.

MTR Australia played a major delivery role in Sydney Metro North West and is currently delivering the TSOM package for Sydney Metro City and Southwest. It is also the major shareholder of the operating companies for the Melbourne Metropolitan rail network and Sydney Metro Northwest.

MTR Australia follows the set of vision and values by our parent company in conducting our businesses in Australia.

We aim to become recognised as the best and unique operator by focusing on delivering what customers really want through leveraging our world-leading performance in delivering integrated railway services to capture construction, operation, and maintenance opportunities as well as adapting our business models, such as Rail Plus Property to suit the Australian context.