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15 Years of MTR Excellence in Australia: Shaping a Bright Future for Public Transport

This November, MTR proudly celebrates a remarkable 15-year journey of dedicated service in Australia. We are thrilled to take you through our achievements and our commitment to delivering exceptional results for passengers and communities. With our global experience in public transport, we aim to continue making a positive impact.

Metro Trains Melbourne: Enduring Impact

MTR’s journey in Australia began with Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM), an essential part of Melbourne’s urban fabric. With 1000 kilometres of track and 221 metropolitan stations, our 7000+ employees operate more than 60,000 train services each month.

MTM’s focus on diversity has been transformative. We’ve made strides in improving gender diversity, with 550 female train drivers among our 1,300-strong team. Passenger satisfaction has surged to over 75%, and on time performance has significantly improved, surpassing 92%. MTM has been a key partner in the Victorian Government’s Big Build program, ushering in a modern rail network with new trains, enhanced timetables, the removal of 72 level crossings, and the construction of a new city-changing tunnel and new city stations, benefitting the entire city.

A red and green background with an image of a tree.
A red and green background with an image of a tree.

Metro Trains Sydney: World-Class Performance and Customer Experience

In Sydney, MTR began its partnership on the groundbreaking Sydney Metro Northwest in 2014 and successfully brought fully automated passenger services to Australia in 2019. MTR’s involvement in operations and maintenance, construction, and financing has been integral to this benchmark-setting railway. The automated services between Tallawong and Chatswood consistently achieve over 99% on-time performance, and passenger satisfaction exceeds 98%, making MTS the leader in the Australian rail industry.

As we prepare for the City and Southwest extensions, Metro Trains Sydney (MTS) plays a crucial role in operations and leverages MTR’s global expertise in operational readiness and new line openings, as demonstrated by the successful opening of eight automated metro lines in the past five years around the world.

Sydney Metro City & Southwest: A Transformative Project

We are excited to share our progress at Sydney Metro City & Southwest project where our involvement goes beyond our Operations and Maintenance responsibilities as we deliver the Trains and Systems Package. In addition we also act as the Overall Systems Integrator, harnessing the expertise of our global experience in systems and project integration.

With a dedicated team of over 150 professionals, we’re working diligently to blend local and international expertise, creating a synergy of construction and system integration skills. This approach is crucial to the successful execution of this intricate project.

A red and green background with an image of a tree.
A red and green background with an image of a tree.

Rail + Property: Transforming the Station Environment

Drawing upon MTR Hong Kong’s extensive experience in property development within the rail environment, we proactively engage in diverse property development projects across Australia and New Zealand. Our goal is to enhance the value of these developments, foster closer collaboration between clients, constructors and the operating railway, and create interconnected communities.

Our Expertise, Your Future

With expertise spanning Metro Operations, Maintenance, Line Openings and Property Development, and a global network for knowledge and resource sharing, we take pride in the enhancements we’ve brought to passengers and communities across Australia.

As we mark this milestone, we look forward to continued successful partnerships in Australia collaborating with clients to realize their visions well into the future.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, we’ll continue shaping the future of Australian public Transport.

A red and green background with an image of a tree.
A red and green background with an image of a tree.